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Saleh Rawther Group of Companies

Stevedoring and Other Shipping & Auxiliary Services

Mosara is presently the flag bearer of Saleh Rawther Group (Saleh Rawther) expanding stevedoring business into other Malaysian Ports. Saleh Rawther started to expand its Stevedoring and other shipping auxiliary services such as Tally Clerks, Checkers, Ship Chandelling outside Penang through Mosara since 1997.

 With Saleh Rawther's solid Infrastructure, time tested working systems, support systems, professionalism and 55 years of experience, exposure, capabilities, knowledge, skills, expertise and facilities, MOSARA has become yet another undisputed expert Stevedores in Westport, Langkawi, Lumut and is poised to do the same in other Malaysian Ports.

 With equally dynamic management team, proactive staff, solid infrastructure, extensive investment in specialized equipments and lifting gears as well as extensive support services network, Mosara has accumulated enough resources to deliver safe, reliable and satisfying services in order to meet the convenience, interest, priorities and specifications of our clients.

 In trading, Mosara has marketing presence throughout the World such as in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Gulf Countries, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Germany, United Kingdom and various other countries.

 Saleh Group Of Companies is presently the most dynamic, upcoming and fast expanding BUMIPUTRA group of companies in Penang.